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Certified in Quantitative Risk Management - CQRM

The CQRM (Certified in Quantitative Risk Management) is an International Certification awarded by the IIPER. It is aimed for managers, directors and analysts of the governmental, business, financial and academic sectors interested in acquiring updated and practical knowledge in risk management from a quantitative approach to measure, analyse and make decisions.

The certification will last four days in which the participants will study with Prof. Dr. Johnathan Mun, and other global experts, advanced topics and practical applications of risk management. Upon completion, a validation of knowledge will be conducted to obtain the CQRM title.

By participating in the certification, attendees will have elements to analyse and interpret data for risk measurement, understand the results obtained as well as suggest and make decisions based on the Monte Carlo risk simulations, statistics and econometric analysis, optimisation and real options applicable to their projects or investments.

Why attend this certification?

To be certified internationally as a Quantitative Risk Manager (CQRM-IIPER).
The opportunity to learn from world experts who have outstanding credentials and extensive practical experience.
Understand how to make more informed decisions in times of uncertainty and achieve better business outcomes.
Learn about the latest theoretical approaches and practical applications for risk analysis and management.
Update and immerse yourself in techniques that allow you to understand the past, the present and more accurately forecast the future.
To model industry-specific problems and implement risk analysis using Risk Simulator, Real Options SLS, and PEAT tools, capable of analysing large volumes of information and working with the latest implementation of risk management analytics.

About the IIPER

IIPeR - International Institute of Professional Education and Research

AACSB - Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

CQRM is an international accreditation in quantitative risk management offered by the International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER).

IIPER's CQRM certification is accredited by the National Certification Commission, and IIPER is a member of the AACSB (Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business), one of the largest accreditation agencies of business schools worldwide.

PMI Approval - Project Management Institute (PMI) and CQRM participants can also obtain 30 professional development units (PDU) upon completion of the course.

A 4-day intensive training program on Integrated Risk Analysis to complete the requisite in-class work, and obtain the fully-accredited CQRM designation.

By participating in the CQRM, attendees will have elements to analyse and interpret data for risk analysis, and understand the results obtained as well as make decisions based on the simulation tools, optimisation and real options techniques.

The International Certification in Quantitative Risk Management CQRM of IIPER is approved by the Project Management Institute PMI where participants can obtain 30 PDU professional development units obtaining their certification.

Learn advanced analytics tools for risk management and quantitative data analysis.

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Topics & Framework

MODULE 1: Introduction to Risk Analysis
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Training and What to Expect
Chapter 2: How Are Business Decisions Made?
Chapter 3: What is Risk and Why Should Risk be Considered?
Chapter 4: Overview of Risk Analysis Software Applications.

MODULE 2: Monte Carlo Simulation with Risk Simulator
Chapter 1: Overview of Risk Simulator Software
Chapter 2: Profiling, Assumptions, Forecasts and Running Simulations
Chapter 3: Interpreting the Forecast Statistics
Chapter 4: Simulation Run Preferences and Seed Values
Chapter 5: Running Reports, Saving and Extracting Simulation Data

MODULE 3: Advanced Simulation Techniques
Chapter 1: Correlating and Truncating Distributions
Chapter 2: Alternate Parameters
Chapter 3: Multidimensional Simulations
Chapter 4: Distributional Fitting
Chapter 5: Due Diligence and Pitfalls in Simulation

MODULE 4 Simulation and Analytical Tools
Chapter 1: Static Tornado and Spider Charts
Chapter 2: Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis and Scenario Analysis
Chapter 3: Hypothesis Test on Different Distributions
Chapter 4: Nonparametric Bootstrap Simulation

MODULE 5: Optimization with Risk Simulator
Chapter 1: Introduction to Optimisation
Chapter 2: Continuous Optimisation
Chapter 3: Integer Optimisation

MODULE 6: Forecasting
Chapter 1: Overview of Forecasting Techniques and Data Types
Chapter 4: Nonlinear Extrapolation
Chapter 5: Multivariate Linear and Nonlinear Regression Analysis
Chapter 6: Stochastic Processes
Chapter 7: Advanced Forecasting: Box-Jenkins ARIMA and Auto ARIMA, GARCH, J-Curve, S-Curves, Markov Chains, Data Diagnostics, Statistical Properties, Basic Econometrics

MODULE 7: Real Options Analysis: Theory and Background
Chapter 1: Real Options: What, Where, Who, When, How, and Why?
Chapter 2: Sample Applied Business Cases
Chapter 3: Overview of Different Options Valuation Techniques
Chapter 4: Risk-Neutral Probability Technique
Chapter 5: Solving a Basic European and American Call Option
Chapter 6: Using Excel to Solve a Basic European and American Call Option
Chapter 7: Abandonment, Expansion, Contraction, and Chooser Options

MODULE 8: Real Options Analysis: SLS (Super Lattice Solver) Application
Chapter 1: Overview of the Different SLS Modules and Volatility Estimates
Chapter 2: Volatility Estimates
Chapter 3: Options with Changing Inputs and Customised Exotic Options
Chapter 4: MSLS: Multiple Sequential Compound Options
Chapter 5: MNLS: Solving Mean-Reverting, Jump-Diffusion, and Dual-Asset Rainbow
Options using Trinomial, Quadranomial, and Pentanomial Lattices
Chapter 6: Framing Real Options-Structuring the Problem
Chapter 7: The Next Steps...


Application of CQRM Knowledge in your industry

Aplicación del Conocimiento del CQRM Aplicación del Conocimiento del CQRM Aplicación del Conocimiento del CQRM

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