Meeting with Dr. Mun

and other global experts


Receive personalized advice or your company
from the international guru Dr. Johnathan Mun,
including other risk management experts.


An environment designed to work on the problems that organisations face in the world of Risk Management. Here, Dr. Johnathan Mun and other experts share experience in training, advising, consulting and accompanying multinationals, government and SMEs, looking for the best ways to support decision makers and managers.

General activities

Assistance in mapping and identifying risks in your organisation.
Guide in the initial phase of the quantitative risk management process.
Review of existing models and development of new ones as required.
Identification of data sources and assumptions to be considered in risk modelling.
Implementation and analysis of real options in your projects.
Provide models and necessary documentation to understand the process of making decisions with risk in mind.


Independent professional opinion.
Assistance to develop and solve the problems detected.
Training and support to implement methodologies, tools and processes for quantitative risk management.
Guide to identify and develop new models.

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