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Guru and the World Action in Risk Management.

Dr. Johnathan Mun

Prof. Dr. Johnathan Mun, Chairman of the IIPER, is the founder/CEO of Real Options Valuation Inc., and is responsible for the development of its suite of analytical software products, consulting, and training services. As the software’s creator, with more than 12 patents and 10,000 pages of copyrighted materials, he teaches Risk Analysis, Real Options for Analysts, Risk Analysis for Managers, CQRM, and other courses. He has written over 20 books on the topic of risk management.

Dr. Mun has consulted on risk analysis, valuation, and real options for many Fortune 500 firms from 3M, Airbus, and Boeing to GE, Motorola, and the U.S. government including the Department of Defense as well as other state and federal agencies.

He was formerly Vice President of Analytics at Decisionering, Inc. (Oracle), and was a Consulting Manager in KPMG’s Global Financial Strategies practice.

Dr. Mun is also a full professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Swiss School of Management (Zurich and Frankfurt), and he has held other adjunct professorships at various universities.

He has a Ph.D. in finance and economics, an MBA in business administration, an M.S. in the area of management science, and a BS in applied sciences. He is certified in Financial Risk Management (FRM), Certified in Financial Consulting (CFC), and Certified Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM).


The Banker's Handbook on Credit Risk, 1st Edition

The Banker's Handbook on
Credit Risk, 1st Edition

Credit Engineering for Bankers, 2nd Edition

Credit Engineering for Bankers,
2nd Edition

Advanced Analytical Models

Analytical Models

Valuing Employee Stock Options

Valuing Employee
Stock Options

Applied Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Real Options Analysis Course

Real Options
Analysis Course

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