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Certified in Quantitative Risk Management

Do you want to be CQRM?

Coming soon! you will have the opportunity to participate in a world class certification that will allow you to be a specialist in Risk Management through the Virtual CQRM, an event that you can access from your country.

What is the Virtual CQRM?

The Virtual CQRM is a direct transmission of the International Certification in Quantitative Risk Management, offering the opportunity that more professionals can obtain the certification (CQRM-IIPER) from different locations.

The Virtual CQRM has all the benefits of attending the certification in person. Therefore, you will have the live presentation of Dr. Johnathan Mun, among other global experts, monitored in real time by a qualified professional.

Why take the Virtual CQRM?

Being able to become certified internationally as a Quantitative Risk Administrator (CQRM-IIPER), receiving the same certification, content, as the other assistants, who are taking the certification in the venue of the European Risk Convention.

Interact with peers, having the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and business practices.

Learn from a global expert who has the highest international credentials and extensive practical experience, all without having to travel outside your country.

Know the latest theoretical approaches and practical applications for risk analysis and data management.

Learn techniques that allow you to understand the past, the present and forecast the future.

Interact with Risk Simulator, Real Options SLS, and other risk management tools:. For example, Monte Carlo Simulations, Forecasting, Optimization, Decision Trees and Real Options.

Methodology of the Virtual CQRM

The Virtual CQRM will be transmitted from the main venue of the European Risk Convention through the Webex virtual platform. The assigned classrooms in each city will have the technology required to offer an optimal transmission of the Certification.

Those interested in taking the Virtual CQRM must attend the designated site in each city the four days in which the Certification will be developed. At the end of this learning day, participants must take the exam the same time of the European Risk Convention. If you complete it successfully, you will get the CQRM certification.

Additionally, the participants will have an invigilator or observer, who has the function of assisting in all aspects related to management of computer tools, basic theoretical support, collection and communication of questions and answers, and general guidance during the training.

The participants will receive:
Printed and digital material with the memories (this material is the same that will be delivered in the face Certification).
emporary licenses of the software that will be used during the Certification.
International Certificate as Quantitative Risk Administrator (after the approval of the exam).


The Virtual CQRM will start on the scheduled dates as long as the minimum number of participants is met. If the group is not completed, the Certification will be rescheduled, and the new proposed dates will be informed.

OSL Risk Management reserves the right to make changes in the schedule and venues for the event.

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